Environmental Booths

Pureair provides environmental booths in Singapore.

Environmental booths provide dust control solutions for all types of industrial air filtration challenges in a controlled environment.

It removes dust, particulate and fumes.


How does a environmental booths work?

Once the booth is installed, it draws smoke, dust, and fumes, into its louvered inlet and away from the operator’s breathing zone.

The Booth’s modular design can be customized to suit your specific needs. Its built-in, reverse pulse cleaning system extends filter life, reducing maintenance requirements. With cartridge options ranging from 3000 CFM to 6000 CFM.

Applications include: welding smoke & fumes, grinding dust, composites dust, wood dust, vapors and odors.

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Thanks Selva at Pure Air BS for fitting us in to repair our air conditioner so promptly. Antony and Jam were punctual, professional, friendly and helpful. Will recommend you guys!
Erick Banna
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Was such a pleasure to deal with the PureAirBs Team. Great work was done, no mess left behind and the job was perfected. The boys were so friendly, easy to communicate and Pure Air BS met my financial needs.
Richard Micah
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