De-Ionized Water System

Pureair offers De-ionized Water System in Singapore.

De-Ionized Water System

Deionized water system is an arrangement of DI tanks and other components that are used to produce high purity water.

Deionized water system can be as simple as a one tank setup or as complex as a multi-tank system with supporting equipment such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and elaborate water quality monitoring equipment. DI tanks contain ion exchange resin which selectively remove ions from water.

Deionized water is important because of its purity. Deionized water is a blank state of water, and it assumes the chemistry of other substances added to it. This is critical in the medical and pharmaceutical industries because water is a component of most medicines and medical solutions. DI water is a great choice for cleaning or lubricating a manufacturing system.

This helps prevent any calcified or corrosive build up that harm your system, or negatively impact its efficiency.

The DI process can be used to produce a very high quality of purified, demineralized water. Pure deionized water is neural, with a pH of 7 and a high electrical resistance. Deionizing removes ions and other unwanted particles, which reduces chemical reactions between dissolved solids. This makes the solution purer, with fewer substances left behind.

We Provide Deionized water system in Singapore with good quality and resistance of water. Our team of professionals are well experienced, knowledgeable to understand the requirements of the client.

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